excise ex‧cise [ˈeksaɪz] noun [countable, uncountable] TAX
1. a government tax that is charged on certain goods that are sold in the country, for example alcoholic drinks and petrol:

• An excise on home production of tobacco could have produced the same revenue as a tax on imports.

• The Chancellor decided not to increase excise on whisky.

• an excise officer (= someone who collects excise )

2. the Excise in Britain, a group of government officials whose job is to collect excise and some other taxes — see also Customs and Excise

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excise UK US /ˈeksaɪz/ noun [C or U] TAX
tax that is paid to a national or state government on some types of goods such as alcohol, cigarettes, or petrol: excise on sth »

Pennsylvania is one of just three states that does not collect an excise on cigars.


The burden of tax borne by smokers is greater than that on any other excise goods.

Compare CUSTOMS DUTY(Cf. ↑customs duty)
See also CUSTOMS AND EXCISE(Cf. ↑Customs and Excise)

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